Once upon a time the monkeys of Creneau International went on a cazy bad wonderful field trip to Bucharest. They called it an incentive but really it was an excuse to party with the team for 4 days in a row. Oh yes, a cultural treat as well! Here I am in the most beautiful bookstore I've ever seen; 'Carturesti Carusel' . Picture by Stijn van Doorslaer


YUP Hotel is almost ready for hand over. Went shopping and bought some awesome styling pieces


Quick stopover in Dubai and do some sightseeing. It's freakin' 42 degrees in this sandpit. This white girl is melting!  (in the picture I'm still standing ;-)

The view from the Dubai apartment is still mind blowing.... #nofilter #nophotoshop!


Working @ the Kampala office means you eat with the locals. Matoke and g-nut sauce in metal dog bowls?!? Yum... 


Off to Kampala again. It's starting to feel like home...


I love it when work takes me to new places. For a new hospitality project I am being sent off to Kampala, Uganda. Lovely climate, lovely people, beautiful nature.... Things could be worse. ;-)


The CAMP collection was presented on the Feelgoodmarket Eindhoven. Especially for this occasion, we developed another product in collaboration with Studio Stelt: our 'FARMVILLE' collection of upholsterd animals in wool tartan plaids. Martijn of Studio Stelt did a live upholstery performance and gave our billy goat a nice and wooly wintercoat. Thanks to everyone who visited us at our stand and gave us positive feedback!


Back from Paris, the city of love! Visited the Maison et Objet fair, but was even more inspired by the streets of this beautiful city! I want to move to Paris ;-) !



Citytrip to Marrakech. Bought 3 cans of Yves Klein Blue paint at the Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle


Winebar Balthazar is nominated for a 'Daredevil Award' by Venuez magazine!


The tv-programme 'Eigen Huis en Tuin' came to our home for some designer one-on-one and home improvement tips with... me! Broadcast will be on the 9th of November...

eigen huis en tuin

Hello Quinty!


After a whole weekend of weaving, 20 meters of fabric is ready to go!


Mama's got a brand new... studio! 


We are working together with Textiellab (Textielmuseum Tilburg) to create textile magic


It's finally coming together! 'BAR MARIE' wil open this thursday at Stationsstraat 55, Mechelen (Belgium)


I was one of the speakers at the opening of the new academy year at Thomas More College. Let's talk about ants baby....?!



I joined my boys @ Creneau to the Venuez event in Waagnatie in Antwerp. If you nevere been there, go there next year, definitely. I especially liked the stand of coffeelab, a crazy cinematic laboratoristic cocktail experience. 


I added images to http://www.simonepullens.nl/projects/Hospitality/Radisson-Blu-Amsterdam/56.html . The renovation of the Talavera Restaurant is finished. My lovely hubby worked on the fabric panelling on the walls.


Off to Vienna to celebrate 'Sylvester'. Happy Newyear everyone!



Off to Dubai!  Heading to the Middle East to visit my friend and colleague Andrew. Mission: Work hard and play hard... ;-)


Recently I wrote an article about 'the future of travel agencies' as you can read below. Today, A reaction on my article was published. Written by Jan Peeters, thé tourism-guru of Belgium, it is full of positive feedback, additions and compliments. I guess I'll take that as a compliment! ;-) You can read it here http://www.travel360.be/nieuws/visie/detail/het-reisbureau-van-de-toekomst-een-paar-overwegingen?gn=5256


I wrote a column about my vision on the future of travel agencies. My sister Laura, who is an expert in the field of travel agencies since she workes in one, helped and inspired me with this piece which is now featured on http://www.travel360.be/nieuws/actueel-nieuws/detail/zo-ziet-het-360-reisbureau-van-de-toekomst-er-uit?revision=3080


Moooi launched their new website and I am very, very proud to be on there amongst all my designer-heroes! Visit www.moooi.com/designers



Today I decorated Wine Bar Balthazar together with Edwin Huisman, of 'Luxury by Nature'. The result is an eclectic mix of exotic, animalistic and esoteric stunningness! Check out the result on my Hospitality page